Guide for Passing a Urinalysis with Ease

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If you have an upcoming job interview that you have to handle, you will pass the nine gates of hell throughout the process. You have to think about leaving a good impression, talking with enough confidence to be attractive but without overconfident approach that may seem tacky.

Have in mind that when you finish these challenging moments, you will have to pass the last step towards getting a lucrative contract: drug screening. Imagine that you pass everything and fail at the very end when they notice THC in your urine.

That would be devastating, frustrating and highly emotional, but according to law, that is a decision that every employer can easily make. If your job interview starts in a few days, you will not have enough time to cleanse yourself naturally from cannabis. 

However, you can find ways of clearing a urine drug test quickly, but you have to follow strict instructions and guidelines that will help you along the way. We decided to present you a guide that will help you pass a urine drug test with ease:

How Does It Work?

You should have in mind that urinalysis is one of the most popular drug tests that are conducted in the USA. 

The idea is that urine samples enter the laboratory conditions for analysis that will determine previous drug consumption especially when it comes to drug byproducts that are broken down and left inside.

Therefore, you should remember that these tests are not looking for active THC compound, but its byproduct called THC-COOH over 50 nanograms, which means that if you have below that threshold, you will pass the test.

As soon as medical facility receives your samples, technicians will try to cut it in half. The first one will enter the AI analyzer (immunoassay) that will detect the presence of macromolecules as well as antibodies within the system.

In case that it is positive, the second sample will go through GC-MS device that will confirm the presence of specific metabolite inside the specimen, which means that you will fail the test.

The main problem that happens for people that smoke weed is that THC-COOH metabolizes slowly and it is fat-soluble. Therefore, when compared with other drugs such as opiates, meth, cocaine and alcohol, they stay in body as well as urine up to 72 hours.

The best ways to learn more on THC and CBD, you can checking here for more information. 

Cannabis metabolites act differently because they can stay in body between five and ninety days based on the frequency of consumption. The more you used, the more you will need to cleanse your urine from its presence, which means that you should follow our methods for passing:

  1. Abstinence Is A Bliss
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Even though it is logical assumption that when you stop consuming certain product, you will be able to get rid of it naturally. Therefore, we recommend you to stop its consumption for at least three months if you wish to be completely certain that you will pass.

At the same time, if you smoke one burn, THC will enter your bloodstream and you will fail the test. The main problem with abstinence is that most people do not have that particular period available, so they have to find other ways that will allow them to pass a test.

You will need approximately 90 days from the last consumption of weed so that you can completely remove it from urine, hair and other body areas. In case that you were a chronic smoker, the number can go up to 90, while if you are an occasional puffer, you will need less.

2. Urine Dilution

This is highly risky method that may help you pass but we cannot say with efficiency that you will do. 

If you wish to mask levels of THC metabolites and reduce, it below the threshold we have mentioned above, you should consume plenty of liquids and beverages that will increase the frequency of urinating as well as water inside the urine, which will ultimately dilute the sample. 

When you decide to start consuming plenty of water, you have to be cautious because it can lead to poisonous state that could affect your overall health and cause death when you overdo it. 

However, the main goal of this particular method is to dilute the urine so that you can pass the test. The main problem is that laboratory could easily check creatinine levels inside the sample and notice that you did something to tamper with it.

If the sample does not have minimal amount of creatinine, it means that lab will consider it as unusable and some employers may even terminate job proposal because most people see it as intentional tampering.

3. Pee Swap

Since the day one when people wanted to pass a urine drug test, they would find the sample from straight friend and that is effective way of doing it. 

However, in today’s world of testing, the process requires from you to do it under supervision in medical facility in which you will be almost naked before entering the toilet in which you will take the sample.

It is highly challenging to sneak someone else’s pee especially because it is challenging to handle everything.  You can go to this link to know more about collecting and storing urine samples:

That is why most people are considering fake pee as the best way to do it because it features fake penis as well as tampered urine that will resemble to everyone that you are actually doing it.

We are talking about synthetic urine that you have to prepare when it comes to color and temperature and place it in prosthetics in case that you have someone behind your back.

You can find it in numerous shops all across the USA and it includes liquid mixtures that will allow you to tamper with this particular type of screening. 

Even though it does not have any smell, which is different from your natural pee, it is possible to use it so that you can pass with ease. It is also important to find ways to make it warm as if you peed it at the moment, because urine tends to have body temperature.

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